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सांगायचंच आहे!

Must be told!

a nonverbal Performance by Kāhī Kaḷenā

Sāṅgāycac āhé! in Marathi means “must be told”.

Four individuals are desperate to tell something, but there is no language, no words which could be appropriate. So, the body itself becomes the medium of communication.


Each body is a storage and carrier of socio-cultural information, and thus each person as such is his*her own culture. The ability to adapt ourselves to a specific environment is understood as being civilised. This process can be smooth or violent, and it can complete within seconds or stretch over centuries. 

In Sāṅgāycac āhé!, this process evolves into a chain of repetitive events, narrated from the point of view of different characters. Their stories merge and clash, influence and ignore each other.


Sāṅgāycac āhé! brings this struggle on stage and invites the audience to the quest and the confrontation of own beliefs, backgrounds and positions in society.

Sāṅgāycac āhé! is supported by:

Landesverband Freier Theater in Niedersachsen e.V.


and funded by: