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by Aishwarya Sangle and Shivpranav Alavani

Duration: ~35 min.

Performers: Aishwarya Sangle, Shivpranav Alavani

Shows: 04.06. Klimafest, Allerweltshaus Köln +

24.06. Quartier Theater, Hannover 

27.06. Burgtheater Domäne Marienburg

Lāwaṇyaalaṅkār presents some aspects of 'Tamasha'. 
'Tamasha' is a well-known folk-form from the state of Maharashtra, India. It is very popular in the rural area where agriculture is the main source of income that requires intense physical work in the field. After a hard working day, 'Tamasha' is a good source of entertainment and stress-buster to its viewers while providing a platform to rural artists. 'Tamasha' can be defined as an expressive combination of dancing, singing and acting. 

Aishwarya Sangle is also conducting a Lāwaṇī (Lavni) Workshop, in which participants can get an insight into this art form. 

For booking the show please contact us via the website or 


Instagram: kahi_kalena

Mobile No.: 0091 9767619061

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