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Kāhī Kaḷenā is an Indo-German interdisciplinary performance group. Founded in 2018 in Dresden and Pune, India, the collective is characterised by the different cultural, artistic and social backgrounds and expertise of the participating artists. Through the medium of performance, the collective builds a bridge between the different worlds and thereby tries to convey to the audience an understanding of acceptance and trust in the foreign/alien or what may appear foreign. Another focus of the collective is the realization of transcultural artistic aesthetics in collective work. The collective presented this aspect of their work at the international symposium on "artistic/collective aesthetics", organised by the Digital Dramaturgy Lab at the University of Toronto, 2021.


The first production of this collective, No Service, had its premiere in India in 2018. Three years later, it was performed in a hybrid form in Hildesheim, Leipzig and Cologne, funded by the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony.


Kāhī Kaḷenā's current production, Sāṅgāycac āhé!, will have its premiere at the Theaterhaus Hildesheim on May 31, 2023. It will then be staged in Münster, Cologne, Leipzig, Berlin and Hanover.

In addition, Kāhī Kaḷenā is hosting Lāwaṇī Workshops by Aishwarya Sangle and the Lāwaṇyālaṅkār Show by Aishwarya Sangle and Shivpranav Alavani in May and June 2023 in Hildesheim, Wolfsburg, Münster, Cologne, Dresden and Hanover.

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